apparently it is an addiction

apparently, translation has some features of addiction about it. because i am doing it again.

it looks like i am embarking upon a translation of wizard’s first rule by Terry Goodkind.

it is one of the really cool books of the past century. regardless of what some people who do not read might say.

and also, i will be watching the batman films. just to have seen them. this far it has been quite interesting: the 1966 film was kinda.. funny. the batman 1989, batman returns 1992 and batman forever 1995 – beautiful tim burton creations, with characteristic dark irony and masks.

i have finished playing the campaigns of warhammer (DOW) (DOW-WA), and quite enjoyed that, as well as some of the warhammer 40k novels (space marines, ravenhorn, grey knights, imperial guard and ultramarines sub-series, haven’t had time for more, but will read as soon as). it is surprising, how a simple game world fleshes out and gets a life of its own (and by fairly good writers, too).


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