the laughing angels


the wonderful has announced that today is the day of the laughing angels.

and i think, what would make the angels laugh. given that they are supposed not to be evil.

obviously, not our stupidity, or mistakes, or pain, not the things we do to hurt each other, and then laugh.

not the slapstick with laughter recorded because the audience would not know where to laugh otherwise.

not even the cognitive dissonances we customarily create in our daily goings about.

indeed, what would make the messengers of truth laugh?

it could be pure joy and love, a state of soul when there is nothing to hide, where all is present and accounted for.

that would be laughter of freedom and benevolence, and deep, true joy. laughter of wisdom and light.

*pours a cup of peppermint tea, then another*

one for my guardian angel, and one for me. i so wish you could laugh watching over me.

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