upon seeing a library built after the fashion of an us prison

when books meet on a shelf,
they look at each other
and decipher the imagination
of the artist on their covers.
It is wild guess-work, inter-
spaced with probability theory and
quantum mechanics, and impossible
passes, and waiting for clues.
and then they open, and are read
in a Donnian fashion, by books and
by people unwritten yet, unformed
and thirsty, with hands and minds of the flesh and the bone, and
grey matter,
                           …and the thoughts levitate
into another dimension,
bringing forth miracles, monsters,
hopes, desires and the infinite longing
to be guessed and re-generated
again, and again, all over the
mobile multiplicity that
is us, all of us and the whole 
of the universe –
between the hard cover and the first
textless blank page.

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