a handheld from above

sometimes i switch off my handheld, turn off the radio and log off the internet.

the world is outside my zone of communication. i am not in the world, the world stays out there, with its haste and traffic jams, with its information and the lack of it, with its people and events.

i float outside the sphere of the universe. i exist not, i let myself sink to the mud at the bottom of the infostream.

when i enter solitude, when i dig deep into the protective layer, put on the hauberk of silence, i find myself in a different zone of reception.

my inbuilt antenna perceives a transmission for one addressee only, for my heart. it is a transmission from another Heart. the love of God pulses in the silence.

ta-dam. i, light.

ta-dam. came into the world.

ta-dam. so that no one.

ta-dam. believing in me.

ta-dam. would stay in the darkness.*

ta-dam… ta-dam… ta-dam….

my heart throbs in accord with the heart of God. they communicate by throbbing.

the mud at the bottom of the ocean of information contains a silence that is much more important than the muddle of events and pandemonium of news.

it is a conversation on the important things.

it is the only call really worth the attentive answer.


(Jn. 8:12)

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