having and needing not

the whole need no healer. the satiated need no food. those who have a god, need no other gods. let’s stop here and think for a moment. how is your wholeness? are you still hungry? what god do you have? ========================= on a happier note – winter arrived explosively tonight, with a storm, blizzard, snow […]

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this city, all clad in gold, under the transparent blues of october. breathtaking, no less. and yet – while i was in my room, writing, someone picked every other maple leaf, and now the maple is semi-bare. and the time of appreciation has flown, like sand through my time. mind-blowing, how the time passes.

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the downside of the opposable thumb appears at the moment when a body has lost the index finger  of their right hand, and has got used to substituting the thumb for the index finger in most operations; then, upon an unlikely event of needing both the thumb and the index finger, the body suddenly realises that […]

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no, not a feminist

“i can see right away, you have a real man in the house,” she said. “why?” i asked her. “all your knives are very sharp,” she replied. and i took offence. even when she said it was only in jest, i felt offended. there has never been, and never will be a man, real or […]

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words bounce like little lemmings on the sea-water the sounds slide leatherly similar to falling leaves on glass and stick, closely to the inside of one’s skull sullen, swollen, unscratchable silent, like a bloated hedgehog the unthought turns on its owner  

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too many books

attempted to join goodreads.com and instantly was puzzled, swept away, webbed in the neverending lists of books i have read. i felt like a person fighting the hydra – upon one click on a book, 5 other books sprang to the place. and that, only in english. what will happen if i face the russian […]

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the nice thing about autuumn

is that when one is indoors, out of the cold and possible rain and such things, looking through the window, the world seems so nice and colourful. of course, it remains colourful under the rain also, and at night and in any weather and temperature, but then it is not so enjoyable. hence this:

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october 11, 2012

creativity at all-time low. anything else?… i do not know. the birds told me there will be snow soon. should i put out some bird food in the bird feeder? (wow, what an indo-european vowel gradation in the previous sentence) i miss the forest across the river. the forest here is not a forest, it […]

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when a wake is impossible because the people are too different and just would not talk

it is midnight, and the tree roots have grown over the faces of the ancient statues of power and strength, and faithfulness.   at the table, cards folded in hands the two sat, unblinking, unmoving, speechless amidst little half-empty glasses of shots.   the light flickered, unresolved gleaming on the horizons where what was met […]

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ginger tea

not to forget: 1 litre water 1 inch of ginger root, peeled, sliced as thin as possible 5 allspice (crushed) 5 cloves (crushed) 1/4 stick cinnamon or 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 lime – or 3/4 inches of thinly sliced lemon bring the water to boil, add everything except lime, let it simmer a couple […]

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october approximately 3

the maples turn scarlet. the mists stop air traffic (good job there, mists). my soul is confused about where i am, and has gone missing. i so understand that. the sadness roams freely, and the birds have quit squabbling over the autumn flies. probably not tasty enough. and i think of jesus, and how all […]

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the finest time of the year, when the air is so transparent, and the gaze meets all those colours, and there is the freedom of putting down the burden of summer, and feeling light, like the cranes, and the geese, and all those little nameless birds that move overhead, through the night sky calling out […]

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