october approximately 3

the maples turn scarlet.

the mists stop air traffic (good job there, mists).

my soul is confused about where i am, and has gone missing. i so understand that.

the sadness roams freely, and the birds have quit squabbling over the autumn flies. probably not tasty enough.

and i think of jesus, and how all this following jesus stuff has all been messed up over time. and how it actually cannot be either researched or returned to, because this time, the modernity, has broken all the ties with its past, and one broken link is enough.

and that i am in love. with god. with jesus. and that nothing can change it.

and that there is no truth in wine. only a headache.

and that it is autumn, the beautiful season.

and that if i do not go to sleep now, tomorrow will be plain mad.

oh my soul, whatever you are doing being confused with travelling and my moving to live somewhere else, please unconfuse yourself and come back. i miss you somewhat.

my little yellow rose has decided to die. the heather clump does not talk to me. maybe it is the mist, and the 14 C in my room… i think i think too much.

yes, if i do not go to sleep now, tomorrow will be very… interesting.

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