october 11, 2012

creativity at all-time low.

anything else?… i do not know.

the birds told me there will be snow soon. should i put out some bird food in the bird feeder? (wow, what an indo-european vowel gradation in the previous sentence)

i miss the forest across the river. the forest here is not a forest, it is a park, and too civilised and overpopulated by humans.

i think i’d like to talk to a wild goose, preferably a greylag goose (anser anser). probably about something sophisticated like the flora of shallow lakes. or aerodynamics.

did i say, i miss the forest? i think i did. yes, i miss the forest.

when i listen to the geese discuss landing or turning, i think of happiness. the congruence of what should be and what is. the geese are happy, and thus – silly.

the rest i cannot write about. it is too disturbing to be put in words.

last night i was persecuted by a hoopoe without the crest, but with two eyes of gold. the hoopoe was very persistent. and quite vocal. so much for birds in y head.

the next two days will be a living nightmare. or – living a nightmare. whichever seems right.

upon this sad note, the end.

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