“Steering the Craft” by Ursula le Guin – but actually about pandas

i did get the book, and found it delightful and a very sensible read. nicely structured, non-trivial, very friendly. quite brilliant in the approach, too.

this day passed under the sign of the Panda joke. here’s the excerpt:

I will now tell the Panda Story to illustrate the importance of the presence or the absence of the comma. This panda walked into a tea shop and ordered a salad and ate it. Then it pulled out a pistol, shot the man at the next table dead, and walked out. Everyone rushed after it, shouting, “Stop! Stop! Why did you do that?”

“Because I’m a panda,” said the panda. “That’s what pandas do. If you do not believe me, look in the dictionary.”

So they looked in the dictionary and sure enough they found
Panda: Racoon-like animal of Asia. Eats shoots and leaves.

i find this one funny even after a day of hard cooking, too many people and approaching sneeze.

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