when you try to turn a page on your coffee-mug, and take a sip from your e-reader;

when you press a word on a paper book, and wonder why the inbuilt dictionary does not work;

when you ask for a manual or communication protocols to talk to a friend;

when you think of restarting your socks because they are out of warmth;

when you look at your bookshelf and the only thing comes to your mind is ‘unstructured database’;

when you look for the ‘enter’ button after pressing the floor button in a lift;

when you ask sb to rephrase their question, indicating the type of information they’d like to receive;

when you write a list of things similar to above, and the list has more than two items –

you have read too much, slept too little, thought more than is good for you, and the computer in your bed is not a pet, even if it purrs so nicely.

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