the urban myth about comparison

so, here is the myth:

if one gets a headache, then the best cure is to break a finger: the headache will stop immediately. or be forgotten. or something like that.

well, i have to say, from empiric, personal experience data – this does not work.

i got the headache today in the morning. the h-e variant where all the world goes kinda blurry at the edges and perception of the distance changes.

and so i was doing stuff in the kitchen when, lo and behold, i misjudged the distance and bumped into the table, hitting the tipless finger really really hard against the back of the chair, so the finger started to bleed again.

instead of the headache stopping, i got sick.

conclusion: breaking a finger does not make one’s headache go away, on the contrary, it makes one more sick.

this made me think that comparing pain etc does not make pain go away. it only creates more pain.

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