two – of trees, branches and dream-catchers

tree roots at water

we made a dream-catcher. from willow and some knobbly yarn and two feathers – i think one was from a crow, and one, from a pigeon. the pigeon feather was picked up in the forest, how i came by the crow feather, i do not recall.

and we put in two spiders – i thought they would conflict, but my friend thought that the spider needed company, and now he has a dream-catcher with two spider beads. i hope the dreams are understanding.

and i thought of how making a dream-catcher with a six-year-old, a piece of yarn and a willow hoop and some beads can be fun. and that i have to go where the willows grow and pick up some more discarded branches for hoops. the willows sure will not mind that.

i miss talking to trees. the fir outside my window is the strong silent type. and a bit stiff – and frozen, too. as a matter of fact, everything is frozen suddenly. the streets, the trees, the rooftops…the cold water comes purely icy, the pavements are slippery, the transport unpredictable. the light is pale grey, and the ground is covered by snow.

the only living people are the ever-hungry birds. the birds here are less self-conscious and cautious. strange. they eat at the feeder and look at me looking at them. and i suddenly do not know who is the bird, and who is the watcher.

i will need another pound of peanuts, it seems.

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