six – the colour white

snowflakewhite reflects all light. so the thought of purity and so on is a little far-fetched, yet many still adhere to it.

white does not allow anything too close to contaminate it. it is the colour of aloofness.

and yet – when the white snow covers the mud and the little (and the gross) indiscretions of the urban culture, i am grateful. the white of the snow sublimates the daily despair of plodding through the darkness.

and then again – how fast does the city turn its snows into something very different.  but that will be visible only upon the thaw and melt-down. which, it seems, is not so soon.

when it snows, remember the birds of this city. they have worked hard all summer, keeping the trees free of bugs and whatnot. now it is our time to give them a little gift of food.

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