fourteen – persistence

at the end of the last film made by Tarkovsky, the sacrifice, there is a  little boy who carries water to a dead tree, because his father has told him a story about a dead tree coming to life if watered daily. now his father is gone, and the boy continues alone.

and then he is resting under that tree and looking up along the trunk – the scene is quite slow and unforgettable – and suddenly says: ‘”In the beginning was the Word.” Why is that, Papa?’

the boy has not said anything through the whole film.

why i am writing all this? maybe because it is one of the film moments that have left a most profound influence on me. the quiet persistence of the little guy, even when all the grownups have gone mad and away. and the fruit of that persistence – the tree stays dead and silent, but the boy has changed and grown to a new order.

this is where i will stop, as my thoughts are suddenly incoherent.


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