seventeen – peace

peace sometimes is found in most unlikely places.

and the most unlikely place of all is the human heart, ever restless, turbid, unbalanced.

and here is the trick: the peace in the tormented heart cannot come from within, but only from outside. and the peace from outside cannot come from created things, as those are in torment themselves*, but only from the creator of all things. and the creator’s peace cannot come into a heart uninvited.

god can change all things, because he is the source of all things, visible and invisible, known and undiscovered yet. but god cannot change the closed human heart, because he respects his own image. god throws out gifts and invitations; all the magnificence of the nature, and all the tiny little microscopic things that the naked eye cannot see show his ingenious creativity and wisdom.

even the human heart, itself created by god, longs to return to him and rest in him** – but it cannot do this by itself, it needs an external guide, a transport (so to say) to the heart of god. and what is this vehicle, this vessel that transports and transforms the human heart and soul from a troubled mess into a realm of peace?

there is a simple answer and a complex answer. and both are the same.

inviting god the holy spirit into that heart and soul. allowing god the son to buy this heart, this soul from the thralldom of sin. trusting in god the father to recreate the peace the heart had in him at the creation.

so simple. so complicated.


*there is an explanation to this, but this will have to wait till another post

**for more on this, see the confessions by Augustine Aurelius

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