twenty – darkness

they say it is darkest before the dawn. i have stayed up for many a night, and i say it is not true – this is one more of those things people say because darkness and dawn are such great contrasts, and one can make so much mystical meaning out of six words, lo and behold.

it is darkest when it is dark, and there has been light, and this light has gone out.

it is darkest, when you come from bright sunlight into the corridor. when your eyes have had no time to adjust to the existent light, this is when it is darkest.

the heart who has not known love does not hurt half as much as the heart who has had love, and lost it.

what is this all about? the renewal of light, and joy, and love. in god’s light is my light, is your light – in god’s heart my hear and yours can find joy. in his spirit our spirits are joined and renewed to a new love.

it is darkest where the light is not.

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