some more dreams of language

so, i have got the wiedźmin books by Andrzej Sapkowski. in polish. and the audiobooks (polish), too. what i have been doing for the past days for a couple of hours a day, is this – read the books while listening to the audiobooks, and look up some of the most annoying unknown words in the dictionary.

as a result i became aware of the fact that even if the polish language has all this rich history and many many speakers, the approach to the dictionary making is exactly the same as in latvian (which does not have so many speakers and has stuck in the riches of its history (and yes, ‘riches’ is irony bordering on sarcasm)) – that is, perfectly rural and agrarian. namely – those who know the language, will be able to reconstruct the necessary lemma to be found in the dictionary; and who cares for those that do not?

a side effect of this is the polish verbs entering my dreams and attempting to assume the infinitive (like a position in 3D space). some of them (the verbs, that is) were climbing some walls, some were stretching, and some were even somersaulting – all sorts of acrobatics and jointless movements. some of the verbs had textures not unlike custard without the pie. it looked like a circus.

i woke up laughing.

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