floral disaster

now, here is a thing. in case you have some potted plants you want to do a genocide against, try this – send them to me to a death camp.

whatever i try, whatever i do, the plants just keep dying on me.

the heather died in september.

the rose has dropped all the leaves and does not seem to be able to sprout any new ones.

and today, as i was cleaning the window-sill, the cactus plant pot fell over, and lo and behold, it turned out that the cactus plant had no roots, or had l and lost them, and was completely and totally dead, and had been so for some time.

i wonder what the opposite for ‘green thumbs’  is. acid touch? x-ray gaze? caustic emanation? whatever it is, i seem to have it. in abundance. aargh.

i do hope plants have an afterworld they could go to and receive some reward for all they have suffered at my hands.

r.i.p., dear plants.

Dead Cactus

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