the past year at a glimpse

for the past two years i have tried the summary of the year – the first few sentences of the first post of the month. twelve fragments, twelve insights into how the year has been. so, here we go:

January – some assorted pictures

so, i thought, maybe i publish some pictures again. there is no united theme, so do not look for it.

February – a song for winter

March – unable to decide between leeks and daffodils

so.. leek or daffodil?

April – april 1 2012

clouds like blotches of ink
marching through turquoise sky

May – this sort of illustrates my life (see the hattifattener performance)

there is loads of wisdom in moomins.

June –  the perfect suspense and antithesis

one of my all-time favourite writers, Douglas Adams, explained the essential existential things succinctly, thus:

“We are the ones who will hear,” said Phouchg, “the answer to the great question of Life …!”

July – some orchids and other trophies

Had some fun looking for orchids.

August – foreign moments

try this – for a moment, a few minutes,
walk, drive, commute, move through your home town or city like you were a foreigner.

September – barefoot

to stand barefoot next to a tree, and extend a hand
and grow into the grass and soil beneath, and reach up, out, towards the sun.

October – liver, apples, white wine and onions

for about 4 persons
ca 500g liver
1 large onion (or as much as you like), thinly sliced, divided in two portions

November – when all else fails

pain remains.
in its incapacitating, insane clarity,
pain remains.

December – one – an event and a promise

by pure serendipity (i have really wanted to use this word in a text for some time, and here it is) i was a witness to the performance of this oratorio in the new st. gertrude’s tonight, by an excellent latvian choir, exquisite orchestra and fabulous, fabulous soloists (sergejs jēgers’ singing just blew the top of my head off, and it has not returned yet).

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