if you have some pieces of chicken, and onions, and an oven, and a baking dish

then it is possible to do this (this is really a very approximate recipe):

you will need

ca. 500 g chunks of chicken (whichever part you like, cut to about 1 inch in size)
3 cloves garlic, squashed
2 inches ginger root, grated
3 tblsp rice vinegar (or any other vinegar you like)
2 tblspoon whatever sugar you have at hand
1 large (3 inches) onion, diced rather small.
2 tblsp mixture of turmeric, white pepper, cardamon,cinnamon, cumin (1:1:1:1:1) – or whatever spices you like with chicken
salt to taste


heat the oven to 200C (~390F). place the chicken chunks in a baking dish, salt them, put the dish in the oven, bake till the juices are clear.

meanwhile chop the onion, add ginger and garlic, vinegar, sugar and spices, mix well. if you want the whole thing be hotter, add some chilli or cayenne pepper.
pour the spice mixture over the hot meat, carefully toss so the meat chunks are coated and the onion is spread evenly, bake till golden-brown. add salt if necessary.
this might benefit from addition of some tomatoes, but i have not tried that out yet.

serve over buckwheat or rice. i’m not sure this will go well with potatoes.

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