epic yet again

dear diary,

we have not talked for some time, and here i am, all the same.

so, i had this … encounter with snow-covered ice and concrete on sunday.

results… 1 slightly sprained ankle, 2 bruised knees, 1 bruised palm, 1 sprained wrist and some place in the shoulder, and the old trauma of that lumbar vertebra activated again.

and then, out of really good luck, no doubt, i hit the edge of a jug with my thumb, and tore off a piece of the nail. had a different view of the thumbnail, so to speak.

my favourite professor suggested that there might be a day when i will have broken everything and torn off  all pieces, and nothing would be left. i’d have nullified myself by subtraction and division. i have to admit, i kind of like the idea. imagine me, turning up for the lectures in the nullified format. should be fun to behold.

well… this all was just to say that knowing why it hurts, and how long (approximately) it will hurt (and learning to hit the ‘space’ key with the left (LOL) thumb because the right thumb just does not work) does nothing to make the pain less. regardless of the knowledge, or the lack of it, the healing process is the same.

this reminds me of this:

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