a little thought of food

i put to you this, o plant eaters

if you eat plants because you think that thus you will not enslave animals, or bring them to death, or you will support the animals in the wild, think of this:

1. what do the plants eat? especially the plants consumed as food by humans.
manure. compost.

where does manure come from?
enslaved animals.

what goes into compost?
whatever is dead, including dead animals.

2. where do the plants, especially those consumed as food by humans live (grow)?
in huge cultivated fields.

how do they get more fields to cultivate?
by removing forests. by draining wetlands. by irrigating desert.

can the wild animals live when their natural home is destroyed?
i wonder.

i also wonder how much of the ongiong aggressive vegetarian/vegan rhetoric is plain consumerism speaking in a new form. see the dialogue below and see the illustration.

her: oh no, how can you eat all that dead meat.

me: would you prefer me eating live meat? like, worms or what?

her: no, that’s disgusting.


her: how about eating .. vegetable marrow or something.

me: not in the spring. they have given up all their reserves for the seeds by now. i’d rather eat zucchini when they come in season in a week or so.

her: so…it is only meat you eat at all times. the rest you eat seasonally.

me: hmm..maybe. cannot stand dead plants.

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