to-do list

you know the usual – planting the tree, having a son and harming a snake thing? things that should be achieved in a lifetime, for the lifetime to ‘tick off’, to have happened? here goes a little list:

  • plant a thought and see it grow in someone else’s attitude
  • build a tree of relationships
  • collapse somebody’s cage
  • draw a mountain which did not exist before you started
  • fall in the same love twice
  • observe a snake closely and let it go
  • kill a potato for being sheepish
  • trap a computer mouse
  • read the moby dick and laugh
  • grow out of being selfish
  • get lost in translation and redeemed by the original
  • emerge from the ruins of your life
  • eat some funny mushrooms with a serious face
  • see that all of the above is vanity, and die

and yes, of course.

make at least one poem of insight into the soul of things.

say something

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