one knows the spring is here, because

a) geese are flying northbound in formation
b) first year and second year students are prone to rambling and daydreaming
c) third and fourth year students turn up with all sorts of missed papers and questions
d) people look suddenly happier in streets
e) all the academic colleagues develop dark rings round the eyes to help them read student papers
f) one can get birch sap cheap if one knows where to go
g) onions sprout little green things in your larder
h) instead of snowdrifts, there are dust drifts in street
i) the ^&&%*@##@% blackbird wakes one up at 4.23 every morning
j) the chaffinch wants to make nest under the windowsill
k) streets give forth a new crop of russian-speaking beer drinkers
L) one is making lists about spring

m) the service providers have discontinued the heating, saying that it has been warm enough, and now your flat is hellishly cold, moist and dark

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