it was long ago about now, and is one more story

the roads had all gone muddy, and the trees were far from budding.

it was late april in the 1980s, and as it happens in our family, another funeral could not proceed with dignity. because the lorry that had the coffin just got stuck in the mud and nothing would move it.

and all the cars, and horse-carts and the other lorry with the mourners were stuck, too. except the horses.

it was.. a long waiting under the grey latvian skies getting ready to rain on the latvian people once again.

and the fields were all grey, too, and the wind blew grey and unforgiving. and i did not know what to make of death.

and why they all sang this song. of a linden-tree, and returning, and eternal peace.

that was my paternal grandfather’s favourite song.

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