a girl’s best friends

they say, are diamonds. or at least that is how the song goes (i really enjoyed this trio, as the clip sort of reveals the predator nature of the so-called prey really well and cynically):

but then i thought of the cliché some more and came up with this:

a) diamonds are a girl’s best friends only when there are no strings attached, and
b) when they [diamonds, not strings] stop being in her possession (having turned into something more livable, edible and wearable)

in the absence of a) and b), the girl has to look for other best friends as:

c) a good sharp folding knife (or not folding, but sharp)
d) a computer
e) a dictionary (probably relevant only for linguists)
f) decent serious army boots
g) a rucksack (or a handy handbag)
h) another girl who does not talk that much
i) a map (of the country/city she lives in, or what did you think?)
j) a wok (or cast-iron multipurpose frying pan)
k) a list of all the proper things a girl should have (so she can disregard them to her advantage)


m) a big sturdy universal adjustable spanner (wrench)

in case you think different, or would like to add something to the above – feel free to comment.

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