beware* the linux of many flavours

so, my inner voice (a very strange thing, but not to be disregarded altogether) said some time ago: ‘move to Linux’.

i, rationally, said: ‘why?’

my inner voice said nothing. that’s how it is with them inner voices. drop their proverbial brick in the middle of your proverbial garden, and go, just like that.

linux logoi set to research. about what linuxes there are, what they can do and will they eat me if i am not careful. this resulted in a temporary install of linux Ubuntu (pangolin), which did not agree with me much, and the reasons were completely irrational.

then i tried Mint. and i think i like it. and this is understatement. how else can one explain poking round at an operating system, tweaking and whatnot, remembering my young unix days.

and now, after less than 3 hours of sleep, my mouth feels like …. probably unprintable, although these days one sees so much in print that ‘unprintable’ has lost its meaning. my head is a little dizzy, and my eyes are light-shy. and i have this awareness of things supernatural and transcendent.

in the brief hours of sleep i dreamed of the word ‘verdant’. in electro-violet and magentish colours.


*who needs drugs if they can have Linux Mint

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