the empty graves

“but i want to go to your mother’s grave,” she said. “you can come or not, it does not matter,” she added. “but i’d appreciate a navigator.” “i do not see what i’ve forgotten there,” i said. “but ok, i’ll go.” and so we went. the day was bright and sunny, the road characteristically abysmal, […]

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when dreams flock

and so my subconscious made fun of me again. going to some weird inoculation against what they called ‘summer disease’ (in a very strange place, and i had forgotten my ID and thus the whole thing failed), i happened to get to a teacher’s congress. where the teachers were dressed like mediaeval dignitaries and some – […]

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here’s to us, philologists

Как филолог заявляю вам, что обилие высокопарных, витиеватых, цветастых, архаичных, заимствованных и других выделяющихся выражений в речи собеседника указывает на один из ниже перечисленных фактов:… — I did it Nor way.

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if i get lucky

interestingly enough, the idea of translating This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti seems to be a very good one, and a timely one, too. so, i’ll probably work on the translation the same way i did on The Left Hand of Darkness by Le Guin (does anyone have the question, what’s with me and darkness here? i […]

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kad dzirkstele aizlec

turpat pie celiņa, it kā aizmidzis, zālīti apsedzies, kaķīts atlaidies; pelēka vilniņa, viss melnās strīpiņās, dzeltena pakakle, pusviru actiņas- guļ kā tāds plausītis. zīlīte atnāca, zvirbulīts pieleca, ne ķepa nekustas; tepat viņš staigāja, draudziņu meklēja, murrāt murrāja, cilvēku gaidīja; rītiņa agrumā apstājās sirsniņa, mauriņa lizdiņā, kaķentiņš aizmiga.

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some green thing on the balcony

these, then, and a little pretty thyme plant that avoided picture, and some more mint, grow on my balcony. i really like the tomato plant who has been very diligent and tomato. the mint also is growing proud. and of course the aztec marigolds.. those just thrive on the sun and my forgetfulness. the basil […]

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