the bit about why all religions are the only ones

there is the russian saying (at least my mother said it was a russian proverb, but the russians say it is a proverb of sb else further east) – the crow calls her little crow chick the whitest, the mother-hedgehog calls her pup hedgehog the softest.

and is it not the same with religions? nobody follows a totalitarian, exploiting, mind-numbing religion that turns its adherents into zombies. everybody’s religion brings light, peace and freedom to the world. even those that do practice making zombies, make zombies for a good cause. every religion poses itself as the good religion, otherwise it cannot sustain itself.

all that said about religions, there is this:


a person to be friends with, a person to build  relationship with.

a god. the god who got so personal that he decided to die for those he loved.  it does not get more personal than this.

a god who personally decided to save the world.

when one has a relationship with christ, one can manage religions.

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