Two. Dreams

there’s this.


they are made of something. some people say, dreams are made of us, who we are, what we experience, what we remember or process. maybe they are right. or rather – there is some truth in what they say (about dreams, that is). and yet – there is more to dreams that meets the eye. far more and much more.

dreams. the music that is in concordance with the music of the spheres. an echo of something greater than mere processing of the life our consciousness did not deem worthy of noticing.

dreams.. elevate. or maybe educate. dreams hint of things transcendental.

dreams are the little bit of heaven, untouched and untouchable that break through the heavy ice of mundanity to give us a respite. but because of the ice of mundanity, dreams are soon forgotten, even before we wake and can think them.

those visions that are not dreams, also have a name. nightmares.

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