Fifteen. Believing

isn’t it strange, how teachers believe in their students?

blue w-lilythey [teachers] believe in their [student] creativity. their talent. their strength and ambition to achieve something. they [teachers] seem to see in the realm beyond the fear, anxiety, plain stupidity and lack of graces, social or otherwise. see right through the now and here into some space where the student is what s/he could be. and then take that vision and impart (or not) it on the entity which often is much smaller and far less than the vision.

teachers believe in their students like fire believes in matches.

i, too, was once believed in so strongly that i started to exist. with this [post] i’d like to say to my teachers – wherever you are – i thank you. for believing in me so much that i took form and volume, and became.

and yes, continuing the tradition of believing, i, too believe. i believe that you, my students, are creative and talented. that there is hardly anything you cannot fathom or overcome. that you will take form and become yourselves one day.

and what a happy day will that day be.

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