this year summarily

for a few years already, inspired by my dear entropija, i publish a post containing first sentences of each month of the year. and so


the beginning
i remember this song from when i was just a beginner pilgrim, not that i have moved very far from there now.

kā reizēm gadās uztrāpīt uz cilvēka lappušu malām, un baložu vietā sirds vēstules nez kāpēc pārnēsā dzēse (jo baloži vienkārši nav pārāk inteliģenti)
uz malām, mēs toreiz rakstījām uz malām
un neatgriešanos, kad vēja pusē salām
mūs gārņi ievīla.

rites and rituals make the world achievable, structured, thinkable.

cannot collect my thoughts,and the words elude me
so, this:

a girl’s€™ best friends
they say, are diamonds. or at least that is how the song goes (i really enjoyed this trio, as the clip sort of reveals the predator nature of the so-called prey really well and cynically); but then i thought of the cliche some more and came up with this:..

where to go when one is dead
stumbled on this by accident:..

some green thing on the balcony
these, then, and a little pretty thyme plant that avoided picture, and some more mint, grow on my balcony.

the older one gets, the shorter the time; the shorter the time, the more to prioritise
as the PhD Comics succinctly put it:…

when all else crumbles
this remains; like the breath, like the blood that flows through the veins, like the earth under us and the sky above, and infinitely, untestably more.

apple memories
skeins of geese
calling, mingling
over fresh-rent potato earth,..

and not even that

One. A storm
in the morning, there was just a teeny bit of snow. more of a hail, really, but white and wintry.

5 thoughts on “this year summarily

    1. me. too.
      it seems that in return for the homing-out gnats this autumn, the winter has homed in on your side of the Atlantic.
      i do not even know if i like it. i feel sorry for those who got hit by it though.

      1. The word “wintry” creates a beautiful image in my mind. Like a painting of a white, dusted field. With beautiful bare trees, hazy with soft snow, and a shimmering fog.

        There, I defined “wintry” for me. 😉

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