winter as a subject of complaint(s)

is there a season that attracts as many and as contradictory complaints as your plain, simple winter of the northern hemisphere?

when the winter is mild and the temperature does not fall under minus ten celsius, they complain about the lack of cold and crispiness. and the ticks survive and infest everywhere.

when there is cold, people complain that it is cold, express their wish to migrate south or plainly hibernate.

when there is no snow, people complain about having no snow and no fun. (and forget about the myriads of ticks who will move on to wherever the ticks move on to when they die)

when there is snow, people complain that there is snow. they cannot drive, the city authorities are having (annual) problems removing snow, which accumulates in inconvenient places and does not want to stay put in the parks and lawns and playgrounds. the melting snow on the roofs creates icicles which tend to randomly assault innocent (and not so much) walkers on the pavement.

when there is [insert a wintry weather condition here], people complain that it is [repeat the wintry weather condition here], because [insert any reason here]. that’s the template.

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