consider the lilies*

they are, well, plants. they do not move, nor speak, nor can they defend themselves against loads of things. maybe some parasites, and that only because they have this chemistry going inside themselves.

that all said, lilies come in various shapes and sizes, fragrances and  colours. they are tall and  royally white or purple like the easter lily. they are tiny and pungent like the lily-of-the-valley (which is also hugely poisonous btw). they are stately and orange  and flame-red as the tiger lily whose blossoms hang down like bells. they are cultivated, and they are wild, and they are everything in-between.

consider the lilies. they are, and they are beautiful. they have no other job than being lilies. their meaning is no more and no less than to grow, and blossom, and maybe get some bees some pollen, and bear seed, and hibernate.

and now consider the madness of the world, where people want to achieve status and power, and never stop running after mirages or maybe illusions. how un-lily-like the comparing of things, conceit and jealousy. how un-beautiful the haste and pretending to be other than one is. how untrue the refusal to simply live and enjoy life for what it is.

(then again… humans are not plants, not biologically; so this is but an allegory)


*the whole train of thought was started by something that Jesus said  long ago.

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