because poetry cannot be typed.

and i think i will do some major formatting of hdd and installing a fresh linux mint os, and maybe the system then will be happier with itself…

meanwhile, i could not miss re-posting this:

the long school-term is over. it is the holidays. higher up and further in, as aslan would say.

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5 thoughts on “because poetry cannot be typed.

  1. I like your new format here. And I had forgotten that you use linux (I do too). Not sure what to think of How I Should Have Ended. Although I read all the books, I’ve never seen any of the movies. Maybe I should read them again.

    1. the films are somewhat different from the books. i cannot say i did not like them, but the books were better by miles. I totally enjoyed the time-turner joke. Snape’s sacrifice remains the same though, with a little flavour of all those time-travel films/stories/loops.
      thanks for liking the layout.
      i just installed linux mint 17, and it seems very, very crisp.

    1. It probably depends on the definition of a ‘very old laptop’… the people in video logs say it can replace windows xp and should work out of the box with minor tweaks.
      this far, on my lenovo g550, it has. and is cute, too, and easy to customise.

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