things taken for granted

watching my fav cat play crazily with the blankets, this came to my mind: there are things taken for granted, which are exactly that – granted. just as they are granted, so can they be taken away, or lost. and then i tried to make a list:

  • ability to play
  • ability to be surprised
  • ability to love unconditionally
  • musical ear
  • musical feet
  • woods
  • ice-cream
  • ability to watch undiscovered
  • mother
  • quiet time
  • oxygen
  • father
  • hunter’s instincts
  • ability to create
  • strawberries
  • good blade
  • animal friend
  • ability to learn
  • food
  • chances to do things again
  • silences
  • pockets
  • empathy
  • terrorist-free country
  • little birds
  • things to build things from
  • sunshine
  • tomatoes
  • little people who just trust one
  • friends
  • time
  • photography
  • small sharp objects

add your own in the comments

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