the invisibles

sometimes i wonder.

where are the God’s people when the devil’s people are so much in view.


where are the loving when nobody cares.


where are the freedom fighters when one state enslaves another.


where are the bringers of peace when all is there in the news, is war.


where are the speakers for the living when so many die.


what can one do when so much is at stake already.

the feeling of impotence is overwhelming.

God, it is time you took us back.

2 thoughts on “the invisibles

    1. Thank you for the comment.
      I was reading the news pages (thinking of finding some nice article to give to my students), and there was little that was not celebrities, sex or plain violence. That set me thinking.
      [offtopic] I started to read the Goldfinch, and the first 150 pages have been excellent. Thank you for the idea.

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