some things are just those things

i sit here, in my tower of ice, under the wing of winter herself, and watch the media stream go by.

and there is something wrong in the representations of the recent events in France and other places.

yes. terrorism.

it does not have race, or religion, or gender, or sex, or colour.

it is just what it is. terrorism. a group of people sharing the insanity to kill.. or rather to bully, intimidate and abuse a larger group of people.

and some people in the society sharing the fear that they might be seen as such bullies. and so they add little labels, to draw attention away from them.

there can be no war against terrorism, as the concept contradicts itself and only increases the fear, distrust and hate it is meant to diminish.

some things do not need labels of race or religion. they are ugly enough in their naked, undiluted form.

please, do not use those labels if and when you have to talk about this .. thing.

say something

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