resizing of cats

my Kat changes his weight and size depending on external conditions.

he becomes small when he wants something.

he becomes light when he walks on the banister.

when he decides to wake me up by jumping onto me from the window-sill, he becomes heavy.

at night, when he guards me as we sleep, he grows very large and even intimidating.

he stretches incredibly long when he turns up his tummy to be scratched.

and in the sunny spot, he becomes very flat and wide, to absorb the sun.

i could go on, about how he becomes liquid or solid, or too droopy to be held in hands, but you all already know this.

at night, i sometimes watch him shape-shift into the guardian feline, and it is close to my heart.

2 thoughts on “resizing of cats

  1. How lovely, still, on third reading. You will teach me to pay more attention to Jellico’s shape-shifting. She has a basket on the hearth, with a green cushion. Resizing, I like that. Does he know it’s his job to guard you at night? Does he know you write beautiful words about him?

    1. i think a basket with a green cushion for a ginger Jellico sounds like the perfect colour combination. my Kat (sadly, Beryl seems to be a word that describes him, not a word which would be his name) ahas a tendency to follow me everywhere when i’m home (unless he’s asleep somewhere), and yes – he guards me…rather jealously at times. if i sleep somewhere else in the house, he most definitely checks the place out and then finds a good spot for – for the want of a better word – guarding. vigilance. and waxes into a lionesque figure.
      not sure he knows about words being beautiful, i think it is a human thing (thanks for the compliment indeed). we talk. in sound sequences.

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