the blackbird sings night competing*

a long whistle, a whistle, a green
turn to the right, peach upon blue,
tweet, chatter, breathe
in the freshly cut mint, a hint
of basil, orange setting, apple
trees ripe for starlings, stars
not emerging from dusk, make
another jump into the wild-rose
fragrance, dance in the twilight, watch
the moon go semi-round, eyes
open to feel how the night is nothing less
than a mystery;
whistle, sad, cheerful, madly, through
memories, tastes, touches, thorns
towards the torn, towards the born,
long, long song,
song, song long

*and yes, this is about birds. in case sb wanted to say that.

2 thoughts on “the blackbird sings night competing*

  1. Beautiful! This perfectly captures how I felt last night, with the moon bright in the sky and the nightingales going mad.

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