today’s surprise

i wanted to post about something else. but then this turned up. now i am enjoying some surprisingly decent poetry.


Then Destiny's Father, grizzled deathless might,
Arose up lordly from his sacred throne-
In godly throng yet still a noble sight,
This warning message spoke in sombre tone:
"To life a new eternal light was born!
On Earth there walked a wondrous form sublime.
A mighty spirit now was come to warn,
And bless the Earth in His appointed time."

"Both wise and holy, fitly men He taught
That mortal folk the gods all honour owe.
To seek to live like gods themselves they ought,
And virtue pure with seemly goodness show.
The evil ones, who deeply feared His strength,
Rose up against Him in a demon pack.
But Hell itself though fighting fierce at length,
Yet could not stop His march nor hold Him back."

"This hero rose from death upon the cross,
He lived again and found surpassing fame.
His fate well known will live and know no loss;
In human parlance 'Christ' now is His name.
Now, many peoples living on the Earth
Accept His word but see not what portends;
For humankind in shame denies His worth,
His message twists to serve unworthy ends."


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