wolverine is dead, long live the wolverine

Watched Logan the film. Great exit for two wonderful actors (Of course they both die heroically in the fictional universe).
a claw of a wolverine

Great entry for a very young actress (Who demonstrates that it is always a bad idea to upset little cute girls and teach them to kill)

Great balance in the lead triangle. Maybe a little less bloodshed and a little more of dialogue would have made the whole better, but this is a sad killing film after all.
What I observed again, was the literal understanding of text. Just like in many other films that originate in the US the literal understanding of the text (in this case, coordinates printed in a comic magazine) is the one and only understanding that is true. No fictional reality in this fictional reality.
After this year’s bachelor paper defences and some talking to my students and normal humans, I wonder more and more, whether there is something deeper behind the trend to understand texts literally, even fictional texts. What has happened to the human faculty to tell apart the fiction and non-fiction? We get the notion of post-truth and the notion of fake news, and suddenly the characters in a book are real people. 
Besides the literal understanding of texts in general, the film raises the question of listening. How much do we listen to those we have labelled as X? The older people, the children, the people with a disorder, women, men, whatever is ‘not me’.  Pain often is mute, and anger screams incoherently. The pre-conceived text that runs inside often makes one immune to an incoming text that is informative, but different, unexpected. Of course, communication has to follow some patterns and rules, or it becomes unintelligible. Which is one of the driving forces in the film (which is, luckily, fiction).
Bottomline. Logan is a film worth watching, full of good stuff. It makes one think of things that matter, such as loyalty and defending, and the cost of life. And the music is good, and the foot claws of Laura are a great invention.


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