GoT Season 3

Summary: Nekkidness, violence, more violence and gore.
Observations. A mother’s love can sprout incredible cruelty if applied at a certain angle. A mother’s love can kill and kill again. If one side goes zig, the other sometimes zags, sometimes jumps. Women must manipulate as they are not given any heed openly.
A nice take on religion as a system that stops people from thinking. An even nicer take on the issue of the interaction of loyalty, pride and faithfulness. And then there are the mind-seers who for whatever reason are called wargs, even if they are bonded to eagles or whatever else that is not a wolf. Confusing.
Love the dragons, and Daenerys being naively unexpected, and surrounded by that sea of man-flesh. Jon Snow can brood like a pro, and probably is immortal.
The work of the negative character actors is lovely. They have depth and creativity, and credibility.
Surprisingly, the play of what if (what if a woman were a knight, what if a boy with a broken back could be raven or wolf, what if the bluff of killing the captive were called, what if anyone could die anytime (unless the fire god gets involved, of course), what if the blondes were actually smart… pays off nicely.
Winter is coming. Some people realise that, and other people do not. I guess that the winter and the overwhelming, universal danger that comes under the cover of the cold and dark, and should be opposed by all the forces of humanity, but isn’t. Because the forces of humanity are too busy squabbling among themselves for trifles. 
And so, what are the insignificant things not worth possessing? should one be loyal, honest and trusting? What if there are gods that play the game of thrones? how cold is the dark night?
and yes, if i cannot get a dragon, i would like a direwolf any day. or a three-eyed raven. maybe the wolf though, it’s smaller and does not spit fire.

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