GoT Season 5

Maybe there is hope for the show in terms of maturity. Not the “mature content” maturity, but thoughtfulness, or something less flesh, more spirit maturity.

With overdogs dead, underdogs slowly claw to the surface. Many experiences of Winter getting closer and closer, more darkness, swordplay, frozenness and white walkers enter on cue. Jon Snow gets to be the Commander and dead, stabbed in a very Caesar fashion.

Meaningless evil merrily continues, now spreading onwards and upwards, in the forms of the wonderful character of Cersei, Ramsey, Snake girls, each of them with their own little motive, but all of them so identical.

The season develops the theme of religion and zeal much further than the previous seasons. The God of Light has a servant – or servants – who do not hesitate to continue their service, destroying or sacrificing all and everyone they deem to be in their way or just useful for the magic. Interestingly enough, GoL probably is an entity capable to deal with the white walkers once and for all. So the question remains – is it the deity or their servants that sport short-sightedness and general stupidity.

The theme of religion militant, and how much damage can be done with the best intentions is another train of thought to be pursued at leisure. The arrogant simplicity of the sparrows, and the slow, but substantial upgrade of their blunt instruments are a good illustration to the everyday fanaticism come home to roost. It also echoes the letting the demon out of the bottle and being unable to control it.

The leading female characters are lovely. Cersei the control freak, the Queen of Thorns in her fading glory, young Magaery in her misfit sense of power, Sansa the sold, Arya the budding killer and last, but definitely not least, Daenerys the mother of dragons who discovers that ruling is a bloody business after all.

Ser Jorah and the beautiful dragons are the best in this season. A story of faithfulness in its epic sense. Also, the slow growth of self-awareness of the formerly enslaved Grayworm and Missandei under the tutelage of Tyrion deserves attention.

And to finish this short review – the fate of Arya in the House of Black and White makes one think that if there is a deity who sees all and before whom all are equal, this same deity must be totally void of sympathy. Far too many gods in the season as it is. And the ones I kind of like (for their mythological properties and looks), the Old gods, sit in their wilderness in the shape of trees and cry tears of red. So much for the help.

On the whole, the first season that was not totally appalling and could be enjoyed in places.

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