When it rains,
The little cat sits in the window,

The choices are ours to make
And some are honest mistakes
Like the rain falling in sheets.

He does not know how
Vapour rises, how long
It takes for the clouds to grow heavy.

The love we fall for, that
Strikes like lightning, so
Natural and so out of place.

Just to extend a paw,
To touch the water descending,
To know why the other hide.

The steps one takes
On the new journey, in darkness
To be bound by those who matter.

He watches and waits
For something to happen.
Rain goes on.

Does love sing in the chains?
How long does it take
To regrow whilst nobody sees?

Two stories to make,
The streams coming down
As a blessing,

And that of a man betrayed,
Captured between loves,
Making the last stand.

Inside the open window, he watches
The heaven open on cue,
The zig-zag that splits

The heart and the false
Temple and all
This world was due.

Image result for samson
a bit from the film. probably irrelevant.

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