two years ago, there were 6 pigeons, maybe fewer even, flying in and out of the yard. normal pigeons, powder-blue, mad-eyed, pretending to be the navel of the world. there were two crows too. and 17 cats, most of them ferals.

and of course, there were the herring gulls and all sorts of other white marine birds, grey-winged and yellow-beaked making the 4 AM calls and wailing away at sunset. the cats were afraid of the gulls. not so of the crows, and definitely, not of the pigeons. they hunted the pigeons picking ar seeds in the tall, uncut grasses. the pigeons fled. the crows watched.

today I noticed my Occ, the youngest cat, frozen by the window. he was looking up, at the branches of the large oak int he yard. six crows were staring back. six crows were watching the yard for something useful to the crow nation. then suddenly a mighty flapping of pigeons went by, spiralling into the air. there were at least 20 of the things. Occ followed them with his eyes.

the feral population has shrunk to three at the moment.

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