In time of darkness, or simple murkiness, people envy those who see.

This envy might take different forms, from the polite venomous, ‘of course you know better,’ to the outrightly open ‘kill the witch’.

The people, the internet trolls, the scathing commenters, the ones who simply have nowhere to vent their steam are summarily innocent. And by the same token, they are summarily guilty.

It is a game of power: mob against truth. Mob always wins.

We do say that the truth will out, one way or another, but this is not entirely true. Mob never learns. Thus it cannot perceive the truth. The individuals can.

Is the contemporary witch-hunt less effective? Less efficient and deadly? I think not.

The fierce fires of raw hatred on social media are the same as those of the authorities in the times of plague.

Be kind. Before and above all emotions, be kind.

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