to the wind

The wind was kind today
It brought scraps of fried
Potatoes and pork and
Ragged pieces of boom-boom music
While the chaffinch roared
About his love and sunshine to be
Within the next four hours.
Today the wind was kind
Bringing fresh breaths of acacia,
Dying lilac and chestnut petals,
And a promise of something jasmine
Or freshly drying grass very green.
The children of starlings in their nests
Were learning to beg less stupidly.
I… I probably missed my heart
Cured to wrinkly dark mush
By a love so dead that its remnants
Had been found in a pyramid.

Small silly steps
Of a nocturnal animal
Echoed on gravel path,
It was the sound and the music,
And the fury of having lost,
And the night-jar jarred
The dust devils to get on;
A drop of dust to the dust,
Earth to earth, stone
Upon stone my food for thought
Bared the hunger.

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