when years pass, and still

my child,
i hardly know where our paths crossed.
or did they? i forget
the careful feeding, the hours
counted by much alarm,
till the clock was my blood forever.
that fear of losing you,
doing something wrong, the
too much responsibility and no response,
only your toothless grin.
your young weight on my arms,
the summers of learning to walk, and to love
and many, many stories.
your hand in mine, revoking
mistrust and all deities
commanding attention.
where our paths crossed,
we were the first humans, discovering
the world eternal as forest.
we .. talked, but i did not know the words.
but who cared? you bound on my back
and our journey together,
from nothing to eternity.
i failed. your last face
was caved in, your body succumbing
to what they had done to you.
i could not substitute
my love for your life, and so
you figured out the eternity first.
my child,
our paths crossed,
you went another way.

One thought on “when years pass, and still

  1. he figured out the eternity first…

    he went another way…

    i’m happy that we met and you stepped in my life, L.T.L…

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