about me

i was born in the past century. i tried the living fast, but i failed to die young.

from all the choices of study before me, i chose linguistics and languages.

currently i read history of english (old english/anglo-saxon), text interpretation and bits and pieces of hermeneutics at the university of latvia, faculty of humanities.

i am also an evangelist (sort of lay preacher) for the lutheran church in latvia. which does not say much, as i am not interested in religion, but rather in a living person named Jesus Christ (who also happens to be God). which relationship i try to pursue to the best of my ability, skill and knowledge.

my interests? language as a system. reading. hiking and woodcraft. cooking (but not for myself alone). crafts. pc strategy games. narratives (esp. theory thereof). translation (i do it both for fun and as a profession)

what i read…. fantasy literature. science fiction. poetry. academic stuff. some blogs… authors? see my fav books page.

i sometimes write – either what passes for poetry, or what is sort of essay-ish. this blog then is the sandbox of one interested in how words interact.

i am a stranger here, on this earth, on my way to seek my eternal home. that sort of sums it up about me.


books in my life

– the Nebula winners list

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