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Kārlis Skalbe (1879-1945)

was born in central Latvia, Vecpiebalga. most of his life was emotionally and physically connected to that place. he was a teacher, a poet and a writer. in latvian, he is best known for his literary tales, expressions of a world-view, insight and visons.

the tales convey a feeling – a sense of there-ness, presence, having-been-ness.

these are my attempts at translation of something untranslatable.

Hill that Sang (Kalns, kas dziedāja)

He Sought a Better Life (Laimes meklētājs)

Hangman’s Daughter (Bendes meitiņa)

King’s Hearthman (Karaļa krāšņkuris)

Tale of a Mouse (Pasaka par pelīti)

How I Sought the Maiden of North (Kā es braucu Ziemeļmeitas lūkoties)

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